Conklin’s Metal Roof Restoration Systems

Every building owner knows a good roof over your head is important. They keep your property and inventory safe from thieves and nature. A commercial metal roof alone can cost you thousands in the long run. A simple metal roof coating can reduce your energy cost by reflecting sunlight and keep your building cooler in the summer.

Conklin’s Metal Roof Restoration Systems are a complete fluid applied waterproofing system for metal roofs that prevents rust and stops leaks. Additionally, they provide an energy-efficient, long-lasting and attractive finish coat for years of service.

Fabric reinforcement is embedded into our acrylic elastomeric roof coating. to strengthen the roof seams. Then, exposed fasteners are sealed from nature’s elements with high-quality caulking. This method can preserve an existing metal roof without the need for costly metal repair or replacement.

What can Conklin’s High Performance Metal Roof Restoration Systems do for you?

  • Stop roof leaks at seams where they most occur
  • Rust inhibitive primer stops rust in it’s tracks
  • Extend the life of your roof, by preventing most common roof repairs and/or roof problems
  • Overcome metal design flaws
  • Reduce air conditioning costs
  • Take advantage of new Eco-friendly building tax credits and rebates.

Prevents leaks

The Conklin Metal Roof Coating Systems® protects your metal roof from the elements with a highly durable, seamless membrane.

These systems stop leaks where they occur most by sealing all seams, fasteners, and penetrations.  This is achieved by combining the best acrylic elastomeric coatings on the market and strengthened with fabric reinforcement. This ensures that our systems prevent the elements from affecting your most valuable items.

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Extend your roof’s life

Conklin’s Metal Roof Restoration Systems offers additional benefits beyond stopping leaks and inhibiting rust. Conklin highly reflective roof coatings reduce the destructive thermal shock experienced by metal roofs during extreme fluctuations in temperature. When temperatures change, your roof expands and contracts, potentially causing damage to your roof.  Our roof systems minimizes the expansion and contraction of your roof and increases the life of your roof.

Save money by saving energy

The highly reflective coating also provides significant energy savings by reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s ultraviolet energy. Rather than absorbing it in the form of heat, this energy is reflected away from your roof. This allows Conklin’s Energy Star cool roof coatings to drastically reduce cooling costs cause by the heat on your roof’s surface.

Our four exceptional metal and aluminum coatings are designed to meet the needs of your particular project:

  • PUMA® XL offers outstanding tensile strength by combining advanced technology with exceptional versatility.
  • Benchmark® offers the ultimate in flexibility and strength.
  • Rapid Roof® III has offered proven protection since 1977.
  • Rapid Roof® HV delivers Conklin quality without the costly code approvals and fire ratings.
Metal roof system application

Tested. Proven. Trusted.

Conklin’s Metal Roof Coating Systems have been tested, proven and trusted by building owners nationwide since 1977. Our systems are approved by major building code approval agencies, such as Factory Mutual (FM) and Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL). Architects, specifiers, and building owners around the country rely on these systems to protect the contents of their buildings.

Many others have tested the quality and money-saving aspects of a Conklin Cool Roof. Here are a few real-world examples of Conklin’s satisfied customers:

“In 1980, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas began reroofing their facilities using polyurethane foam. Texas A&M kept careful records on the performance of their new roofing system and found they have reaped reductions in maintenance costs as well as decreased energy expenses. Now with over 7 million square feet of polyurethane foam in place, Texas A&M uses nothing else for new or remedial roofing.”  Texas A&M University

“When my warehouse burned, I was worried about my structure. I was sure the heat from the fire would destroy my roof. I walked around on my roof after the fire and was very impressed how it held up. I couldn’t tell you what the temperature was, but it was hot – very hot. The decision to use Rapid Roof III on my surface proved to be a great financial decision for my business.” Anonymous satisfied warehouse building owner

“I just want to drop you a note on how pleased we are with the Roof System you put on for us at Premier Audio in Bismarck. The energy savings has been awesome. We have experienced roughly 30% savings in heating gas costs this winter compared to previous winters with almost the same temperatures. The difference in the summer was amazing in our shop area. In the hotter days this summer it was about 25 degrees cooler in our shop than it was outside with our overhead doors open. It is normally about 5 degrees cooler in the shop compared to outside summer temperatures.” Don Braunagal, Premier Audio, Bismarck, North Dakota

Affordable quality

Our metal roof restoration contractors use Conklin’s Metal Roof Coating Systems because they’re designed to provide long-term performance. This comes at a fraction of the cost of metal roof replacement. Additionally, there are many other financial benefits to restoring your roof. Metal roof restoration can be expensed as a repair or maintenance cost, while roof replacement must be capitalized. Additionally, the federal government offers federal tax credits of up to $1.80 per sq/ft for green building projects that meet ASHRAE standards.

Metal restoration process

Hiring the right roof contractors is an important decision. Our team at Lee’s Superior Coatings are experts in the industry. We make coating your roof simple and easy. Contact us today for a Free Roof Inspection, and start saving money today!